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Glazed lava stone


ADM srl create projects with glazed Lava Stone.

Glazed lava stone is a type of natural stone that is obtained from the solidification of volcanic magma. Glazed lava stone is characterized by a matt surface and a porous structure, and is often used for paving and cladding.

Glazed lava stone can be used both indoors and outdoors, is very resistant and durable, and offers a great variety of colors and textures. Its matte surface makes it very suitable for use in wet rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Furthermore, the glazed lava stone has characteristics of resistance to frost and fire, and has a high resistance to abrasion. It is very easy to clean and maintain, and can be cut and shaped to perfectly fit the needs of the project.

In general, glazed lava stone is a versatile, robust and long-lasting material, and is particularly suitable for outdoor use, as it is resistant to bad weather.

The lava stone is processed, cut and carved and subsequently brought to high temperatures for the
surface enamelling.

What can be created with glazed lava stone?

Glazed lava stone is mainly used for flooring and cladding, both indoors and outdoors.

Indoors, it can be used for flooring in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and other high-traffic areas, as it is resistant to stains and moisture. Furthermore, it can be used to cover walls, creating a unique decorative effect.

Outdoors, glazed lava stone is particularly suitable for paving courtyards, gardens, terraces and sidewalks, as it is resistant to bad weather and mechanical stress. It can also be used to cover facades and create decorations that can withstand adverse weather conditions.

In general, glazed lava stone is a versatile and durable material, suitable for many uses, both indoors and outdoors, and for renovation or new construction projects.

Examples of workings

With glazed lava stone you can create a wide range of furnishing and decorative elements, both for interiors and exteriors.

Some examples of what can be created with glazed lava stone are:

Indoor and outdoor flooring and cladding.
Stairs, steps, window sills and skirting boards.
Walls and coverings for fireplaces and ovens.
Tables, sinks, tubs and showers.
Pools and fountains.
Decorative elements such as columns, friezes and capitals.
Elements of street furniture such as benches, planters and waste bins.
Fences and dry stone walls.
An example of what can be created with glazed lava stone can be paving for a garden, made up of glazed lava stone slabs of different sizes and colours, fitted together to create an original and unique design. Furthermore, a fountain can be created with glazed lava stone, once the basin has been created it can be decorated with hand-crafted works, creating a truly unique furnishing and decorative element.

Kitchen tops, tables, sinks, furniture coverings… Glazing on lava stone will give you the possibility of
design any shape with bright colors that will last over time.