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ADM srl is the dealer of the prestigious AGGLOTECH SpA brand

Agglotech SpA is Europe’s largest producer of terrazzo. It is our mission to promote the use of marble-cement agglomerates as a versatile, natural cladding material that provides excellent levels of performance. All-natural agglomerates using high-performance 52.5 R white Portland cement and marble aggregate prepared by local providers in accordance with CE standards and regulations (Resin Free).

Architects and designers love terrazzo. International contractors use it in a wide range of projects. This is why we have chosen to call it architectural terrazzo, so as to promote Venetian terrazzo as a symbol of architecture and design around the world.

Marble-cement agglomerates allow for the precise customization of interior and exterior terrazzo flooring in terms of color, shape and finish.

The versatility of our marble-cement tiles makes them well suited to the creation of intriguing geometric patterns based on custom designs. Color consistency, wear resistance and easy maintenance make terrazzo flooring ideal for vast, high-traffic surface areas.