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ADM srl Marbles and natural stone italian quarries agent

Find high quality Italian marble and natural stone for your project with Italian quarries agent: 26 years of stone experience!

Contact the professional marble agent in Italy who deals with the sale and distribution of marble and other building materials. The marble agent acts as an intermediary between producers and customers, helping the latter to choose the most suitable product for their needs and negotiating prices.


High quality raw materials

Thanks to ADM srl you will be able to find high quality Italian marbles and stones to give life to your projects: marble and concrete floors, worked glass, lava stones and enamelled stones and decorations.

Extremely high quality, craftsmanship, careful selection of the best Italian and foreign raw materials, respect and consideration for the customer. Products exclusively processed in Italy.

The purchase of a product does not end with the purchase, the purchase of a product must give beauty and comfort from the day of purchase.

The quality of the marbles used is essential to ensure that the project is resistant and durable over time, which is why the marble agent carefully selects only high quality raw materials for its customers.


Products and processes

We want to be, in Italy and in the world, a point of reference for the culture and excellence of marble, stone and high quality workmanship.

An innovative company that offers the best products, exclusive technologies and which, thanks to this, grows and becomes a leader in the high range even for small projects or installations: find your marble and stone of your dreams.

A marble agent, specialized in the sale and distribution of high quality marble, helps the client choose the perfect material for his renovation project.

Life has taught me that everything not cheap, is GORGEOUS. …. because everything we pay less does not stimulate us, does not spur us, does not activate us.

Who am i?

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Dr. Dario Muciaccia was born in 1992 as an agent and seller of marble for floors and walls.

This allows you to have an in-depth view of the world of marble and high quality stones, giving the customer (company or private) the possibility to satisfy all his requests.

Dr. Dario Muciaccia is a company that has been present in the world of marble for many years with floors and walls in different sizes, thicknesses and cut to size for interior design (kitchen tops and sinks, stairs and much more) in polished, honed, antique etc.

Our professionalism and knowledge not only of materials but also of their technical characteristics, places us at the forefront of renovations and constructions where marble is the main component of the design.

We offer a wide range of products such as Botticino Classico, Botticino Semiclassico, Bianco Carrara, Calacatta, Statuario, Trani Serpeggiante, Pietra Dorata, Perlato Svevo etc.

Our stones and marbles are in fact a guarantee of quality, with chromatic characteristics that make them unique all over the world.